New Link with Weary’s Old School

The Dunlop Foundation has strengthened its ties with the High School that young Ern Dunlop attended from      1921-23 before heading down to Melbourne to begin his University studies.

The Foundation will sponsor the ‘Weary Dunlop Foundation Award‘ for the Benalla P-12 College Year 9 student selected by the school as a high achiever in the maths/science areas, and who aspires to enter one of the health disciplines. Appreciation of Sir Edward’s story and legacy will be included in the selection criteria.

Executive Principal Tony Clark said he is confident that the award will inspire students and will make a difference in a country student’s life.

This initiative continues our association with the school which last year saw our participation in the opening of the magnificent Year 10-12 Weary Dunlop Hub building at the school’s Faithfull Campus.


BENALLA P-12 2019

Lt to Rt: Foundation Chair Mr Mike O’Meara, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education Mr James Merlino, and School Principal Mr Tony Clark at the opening of the Weary Dunlop Hub.